News from Réflectiv

With the films from the Decoration range, you can protect yourself from prying eyes and add a decorative aspect at the same time.

The high-security films increase the resistance of the glass, prevent shattering and do not change the transparency of the glass.

Use the magnetic whiteboard to transform your surfaces into real whiteboards, or wipeable and magnetic boards.

In our online shop you will find a large selection of different adhesive foils for glass from Réflectiv.

Made in EU

CHF 201.50 / unit

Dekorationsfolie, weiss oben auslaufend INT 110, 10000 mm, polyester, matt, interior assembly, L = 1520 mm

Made in EU

CHF 322.50 / unit

Dekorationsfolie, claustra hexagonal Gold INT 770, 10000 mm, polyester, interior assembly, L = 1520 mm

Made in EU

CHF 194.00 / unit

Sicherheitsfolien SEC 054X, Dicke 100 Mikron, 10000 mm, polyester, exterior assembly, L = 1520 mm

Made in EU

CHF 692.00 / unit

Magnetic whiteboard adhesive WBM 231, 10000 mm, polyester, white, L = 1200 mm