Bohle DuploColl®

Duplocoll® is the ideal adhesive tape for sealing glass joints when transparency is especially important, e.g. for all-glass partition walls, in furniture construction or for shower cubicles. The bonds are almost invisible due to the fact that the light refraction index of the tape is similar to that of glass.

  • Significant time and cost saving as compared to sealing with silicone
  • By sealing the edges of the adhesive tape, Duplocoll® becomes dry after adhesion and resistant to external influences
  • Antimicrobial effect - inhibits growth of microorganisms
  • Resistant to chemicals and softeners
  • Very good initial tack, lasting ultimate bonding strength
  • Resistant to ageing and UV radiation, economic, high quality and does not affect the external appearance of the construction
  • Clean and very easy application process, especially with optional applicator (39.00015.99)
  • For different materials, such as wood, aluminium, plastic, ceramic or glass
  • Versatile application possibilities - Duplocoll® not only bonds, but also seals, damps, isolates and protects
  • Optimum compensation of tolerances and tensions
  • Joints are closed in a way that a sealed system is created
  • Also suitable for rough surfaces: The viscoelastic adhesive film distributes evenly across rough surfaces
  • Noise-tested adhesive tape - Duplocoll® closes the glue joint between the glass pane so tightly that sound insulation is preserved verifiably
  • Thickness 3 mm
  • Max. allowable continuous temperature -40°C - +150°C
  • When using Duplocoll® on laminated safety glass with acoustic PVB film, its suitability for this purpose must be tested beforehand
  • Standard laminated safety glass with PVB film does not show any interaction with Duplocoll® products
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CHF 67.40 / unit

Bohle, DuploCOLL®, double sided adhesive tape for sealing glass joints, plastic, transparent, Glass thickness 8 - 8.76 mm, to glue

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CHF 134.00 / unit

Bohle, DuploCOLL®, applicator, Glass thickness 10.76 - 12.76 mm

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CHF 18.00 / unit

Bohle, DuploCOLL®, Inlay for applicator, Glass thickness 8 / 8.76 / 10 mm